About Palolem

Goa has a long history of mesmerizing its guest with swaying palms and shimmering sand stretch giving an enchanting sight. The state has an extended 105 km of Konkan coast which offers untouched beaches with no human habitation, few with basic amenities and some with all modern facilities. It has been able to please solitude seekers to party buffs.

One of the major cities of Goa, is Margao and down south it starts with the line of beaches. The 20 km stretch of silvery white sand from Majorda beach till the headland of Cabo de Rama is full of beaches. The more one moves towards the south, the beaches are lonelier.

Its a beach of white sand between two headlands. Palolem Beach is commonly known as the Paradise Beach and the scenic beauty of sand facing blue water completely justifies the name. The splendid beauty of the beach forces everyone to lose the senses for the initial couple of minutes. The Beach is a stretch of about 1.5-1.6 km long shoreline with crescent shaped and white sand which does not become hot even in summer. It’s further bordered with row of palm trees where one rejuvenates from the hustle & bustle of city life. This picturesque beach is also famous as Goa’s Idyllic beach where one can enjoy crashing and gobbling of blue water on the sand . This is a natural bay protected by high capes from both sides giving an idyllic coast with flat and shallow sandy sea bottom.

The unique feature of the beach is its rocky mood. It has plenty of small hills and rocky crags and one could enjoy the much awaited family time in playing here. By the end of this, all the body pain can be healed with a splash of cool water. The beach is a perfect destination for people of all age groups as it is a beautiful blend of excitement and clam.

Sunset at Palolem is absolutely magnificent. It is more than a picture perfect view and this moment needs to absorb. The sultry air, warm water, peaceful beach and the slow process of sun meeting the water body can only be experienced. From far you can see a brownish object moving in the sea however when it comes closer you can see the fishermen returning home. This real life canvas will change a lot deep inside you. The accommodation in the Palolem Guest House will make it easy in just a 5 minutes’ walk to the beach.