Laze on the beach and swim in the Arabian Sea

The most lavish way of spending time at Palolem Beach is to spend some time with one’s own self. To enjoy this just have a relaxing walk from PGH to the beach. While absorbing the peaceful surrounding you can chose to dip too, whether you want to swim or bathe is your choice but what can be promised is a refreshing mind after that.

Do a yoga class

This charming beach will often try to align your body and mind and a drop-in Yoga class is a most constructive way to do this. There is plenty of drop-in- yoga classes around this place and a little research before coming will make your trip to Palolem, complete. The classes are organized in the morning and evening, for beginners and experience and all we say that there is no perfect place than a beach to do Yoga.

Night Life – Party at Silent Noise

Night life at Palolem Beach is a delight for all the party lovers. ‘Silence Noise’ the most popular headphone parties of the world situated in Neptune Point at Palolem Beach.
The late night beach party starts at 10:00p.m or 11:00p.m and goes till by 4:00a.m.’Silence Noise’ has been named very carefully. Here a guest must put the headphones with his maddening music to be on the dance floor. The guest can pay a minimum amount to get the phones as well In-case you are the one who enjoys as watching all the energetic people out there, can choose to do that as well. It’s a rare combination of the foreigners and locals enjoying in this wild party. Silent Noise Party is fixed on every Saturday’s and Retronica on every Wednesday’s at Neptune Point.

Experience various water sports

This is no secret that Goa offers a wide range of water sport and not experiencing them is a crime. The wonderful beaches are perfect for all the water sporting activities such as windsurfing, dinghy sailing, scuba diving, water skiing, angling, parasailing, water scooter and swimming.

Go dolphin watching

Dolphins are the most famous sea creatures for their friendly and playful nature and their relation with humans. You can easily take a boat for dolphin ride where you can catch these magical creatures in their most playful form. The boat will stop at a specific distance away from the shore and the guide will point out the antics of these amazing creatures to you. Dolphin watching is surely going to be the most memorable experience of your Goa trip.

Crocodile Watch

Cumbharjua canal is just 20 minutes drives from Panaji and it connects two rivers of Goa – the Zuari and Mandovi.
However it’s famous as home to the reptiles called Crocodiles. They spend their days in sunbathing on the muddy banks and keep watching the visitors. The most distant character of these crocodiles, living in this salt water, who are locally known as ‘Mugger’ that they are extremely comfortable with humans around them, unlike their original character. Most of the local children in Cumbarjua would swim in the canal knowing the Crocodiles nearby. Even if anybody reaches very close to them, they would just go inside the water and take a different route. There has been no case of human killing in the living memory. So spotting Crocodile in this canal is a chilling experience but a must do activity.

Boat Ferry

In the days of fast moving vehicles, boats ferry is one of the most enjoyed activities among the tourists. This could be arranged for watching dolphin sites, stopping at either Butterfly or Honeymoon beach. It extremely easy to rent a boat and design your own trip. The trip guarantees adventure, fun and excitement which would be cherished for long.

Chaudi Saturday Market

Chaudi also called Chauri situated close to the new Cancona railway station. It is a local market famous for the infamous spices of this region. One must fill in their stock of spices from this local market to enjoy the aroma back in their kitchen. It has a church commonly known as Saint Theresa of Jesus Church. One must not miss the lip smacking South Indian food and with refreshing drinks scattered in this market.